Saturday, September 23, 2006


I just got a visit from Talla of the eponymous clothing line, she is in town for the tradeshows and doing a bit of shopping today. She is a lovely lady from San Francisco and her patterns and clothes are easy and fun to wear. I'm quite excited about her Spring line also, which I got to pick out this week, it was influenced by a trip to Tokyo.

Herman Yu calendars and cards are here. We have two 2007 calendars in store so far and should have two more very soon. It's not too early to think about! Also not too early - mittens, hats and scarves. Despite the balmy weather in Brooklyn today, people bought snug knit hats and crazy cute fingerless glove/mittens from Crowded Teeth.

I have added a few things to the site today - the Nikki McClure calendar and also those crazy Swedish ice scrapers.

November show news: Deadly Squire has revealed their plans to me and they are so good. Let's just say it's a Thanksgiving feast with a twist...

That's about it! Tomorrow is my birthday and I might have to bring cookies to the store to share, what do you think?


At 2:10 AM, Blogger Abigail said...

Happy Birthday Rena!! Hope you had a great day...and lots o' cookies ;) xx

At 8:08 AM, Blogger Lena said...

Happy B-day Rena!!
I hope you had a good one!


At 1:36 PM, Blogger clothes-pin said...

Happy belated Birthday! I think that calls for a coconut cupcake for!

At 11:15 PM, Blogger sodafine said...

um, hello missus super-low-key-"it's-my-birthday"!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! sorry i missed it...


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