Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm so enjoying the sun, it brings people out and about! It's a bit cooler than yesterday, there will be a run on mittens and hats again, so if you have your eye on any of those Crowded Teeth ones, get them soon.

I'm putting out tree ornaments, a few at a time. We have the pewter seahorses and now we'll have some laser-etched stainless steel ones from Polli. These are very similar to the earrings, except cut from a lighter sheet. If you want something non-traditional on your tree, or just want something pretty to hang in the window, come and see these, there are two styles.

The glass tea kettle is here! I like it a lot. I just put it up on the webshop too.

I also received some new books, but you will have to come in the store to browse. We have fun art, design and comic books which make great gifts.

On the way: New vases from Joanna Mendicino, holiday cards from Possum & Chestnut, and some surprises...


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