Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I rather like the art of Weston Teruya, who has a show opening at Patricia Sweetow Gallery in San Francisco, where I used to work. Weston was in a great summer group show there, which I am sad I missed.

Speaking of art, Camilla Engman just had another Tiny Showcase print. Congrats! If you missed getting one of her prints there, we have a few silkscreens at the shop for you, plus her 2007 calendar. And speaking of more art, we have the new issue of The Drama at the shop as well.

Elsewhere - I believe both Sodafine (clothing) and Greenjeans (everything else) have joined the e-commerce world in a big way today. Congrats to them and happy shopping!

New here - a beautiful Zuzutop tunic in a brown and teal anemone (flower) print, and Flicka laptop bags! These are padded sleeves with a detachable shoulder strap. The fabrics are wonderful and not your boring laptop standard at all. Also, we have new hand-blown glassware, for cocktails and sake and the like, from Japan, plus the Droplet - a beautiful soy sauce or olive oil dispenser - I'll have a picture up soon.


At 11:08 AM, Blogger Greenjeans Adventure said...

Thanks for the mention, Rena! Sadly, our launch has been delayed. Just call us NASA...

When the website is live you'll know from the insane cheering coming from next door!

- Amy


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