Friday, October 27, 2006


I tried to post earlier but Blogger was foiling me. Anyway, here is the scoop of what's new at the shop:

- Lumen oil lamp projectors - a sweet housewarming present perhaps, the stainless steel oil lamp throws a softly waving shadow of an etched panel on a wall. If you love the mystery of a flickering candle, you must have one of these.

- Donna Brady's A-light got some great press on design*sponge today. We have these on pre-order at the webshop. Donna says there are glossy black bases as well, email if you'd like a picture of that.

- We've got the 'Vintage Fabric from the States' book back in stock, and added a few new books too, plus a DVD/book collection called VisualRocks, with behind the scenes looks at music videos, great if you want to break into the biz.

I added 10 products to the webshop yesterday so be sure to take a peek. And don't forget - the last day for Jill Bliss' show is Sunday, and then we'll reopen on Wednesday with the Deadly Squire show. The reception is on the 9th, see you there!


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