Saturday, October 14, 2006


1. More info about the November Deadly Squire exhibition is here. We're so excited! Some very limited paper goods will be available, made just for this occasion. Meanwhile, check out the Jill Bliss show, grab some tiny art or a datebook.

2. We have color swatches of the felted wool created by Peace Industry, the maker of our awesome rug. You can view all the styles online but we are the only place in New York that has the real deal in situ plus actual swatches for you to touch and look at, so if you are in the market, swing on by and we can help with your order.

FYI 1. The cause of the "what smells so good in this store?" that everybody asks about is the Juniper Ridge sachets. Yum yum, just like going on a hike.

FYI 2. Today (Sunday) is the last day of our one year anniversary sale at the Brooklyn shop! Everything but the Jill artwork, the Courtney Skott stump, and gift certificates are fair game. If you have been eyeing That Bag or That Necklace, now is the time to get it...


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