Friday, October 13, 2006


We are nutty about bags over here. OK maybe not nutty, but it's an interesting design problem and a there are a thousand ways to address it...hence the huge number of designs we have at the shop.

I took some pictures so that you can see the latest ones from Rabeanco - I don't put these on Rare Picks because I usually get one or two pieces and there are benefits if you can come shop in the store! But, if any of these strike your fancy, let me know. I have 2 tote styles, both with removable adjustable cross-body straps, and one big squishy carryall (with removable strap) in a color somewhere between a catcher's mitt and a basketball. Also, Pippi is looking fine in her Dace top and J Balducci necklace.

I have added some other things to the webshop, however, check it out.

Today is the first really chilly one. There are pumpkins on doorsteps and leaves all over the place. I remember jumping in piles of them with my best bud Courtney when we were growing up in Sacramento. Now I am here at the shop, staring at the piles of hats and scarves and trying to pick one for this year...


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Oh rena...rena...rena. on this cole blustery day you're going to make my mouth water for bag number three and that too sweet top. shame on you:)


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