Friday, October 06, 2006


It's the first truly autumn day today - brisk, grey, quiet. When you walk into the shop, it smells like a forest, which is quite appropriate for Jill Bliss' exhibition. Don't forget to come out tomorrow and meet her! Jill is a sweet lady who mails pinecones to my California-born dog to chew on and play with...

And! Courtney Skott's tremendously cool tree stump stool is here and in the window. It is a marvel of construction. I will take a slew of pictures tomorrow when the camera battery gets recharged.

Had a visit from Denise of Beryl Boutique, on 6th Ave near Bergen, she is making amazing jewelry so if you are at the north end of the hood, go get your fix!

New at the shop: Last night my Dace shipment showed up right at closing. Dace is a clothing line in Canada...they make simple, structured pieces with great attention to detail. They also love interesting necklaces and pleats and so do I, so it's a great match! I also have some lovely things from Laura of Wren Handmade, who lives in the neighborhood. I have just a few great collaged cards and gift tags and some wee tiny stuffed elephants for a very sophisticated baby's room.

New online: I have added the Talla heart hoodie from our Fall Lookbook to the site, plus some Jill Bliss products, including the show poster.


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