Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Angela Johe

Way back in January, I saw the most beautiful porcelain at the Gift Show and I finally have a bit of it at the shop. Angela Johe of Germany makes lovely, irregular bowls and plates. The outsides are matte and pitted, a bit like a stucco wall or a canteloupe, and the insides are coated in a shiny glaze. The best pieces are about 5" in diameter and teabowl-like, they have a word delicately written under the glaze, and the littlest pouring spout pinched into the edge. I will get some photos of these up ASAP.

Also new at the shop - Camilla Engman's 2007 calendar! They are really lovely and I will work on getting them into the online store this week. And, we have some new letterpress cards from DeLuce Design, including holiday boxed cards. I'm so tempted to put them out (I have a bunch of different designers' cards hiding in the back) but it's only October! I am trying to wait until November at least.


At 3:20 PM, Blogger angela said...


i couldn't believe it as i just discovered that you have angela johe's work at the store. amazing.

she's truely one of my favourite artists, and a dear friend. i've known her for a few years now and used to exhibit her work at my gallery as well.

i have these bowls myself. four of them. with the words passion, love, courage, yearning.

my morning coffee is a ritual with these bowls.

how are things with you?

have been meaning to write to get caught up.

when you have a moment angela [at] omondieu [dot] com


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