Saturday, October 21, 2006

Baubles and Bags

I have put four hoop earring styles from B Jewelry's Brooke collection online. They are superb - a polished and hammered surface, one organic swoop of metal without an awkward soldered clasp or hinge, yet you can't lose them. More styles are at the shop. Cynthia can make any pair in gold (yellow, rose, white) as well.

And - Kristen Aronsson flew into the shop today to drop off her long-awaited Plait bags in fall colors. The bags are a little wider, the straps a little sturdier, the details a little finer. As a result the price has gone up a bit but we think it's worth it. See the new colors here. There are only a few dozen of these bags in existence so if you like this style, this is your last chance!

Kristen also unveiled a small bubble clutch or wallet with a braided strap, for going out of tossing into your larger bag.

We had a lovely day at the shop today, the shopping season begins with the brisk weather I guess. Don't forget that the Jill Bliss show will be up for just one more week so come by to check out the art or pick up a journal or tote before they go away.


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