Wednesday, October 18, 2006

As promised, here are a couple images of the Angela Johe porcelain bowls. I do love color but there is something about the contrast of textures on white that is so marvelous.

Camilla's calendar is also available on the site for is Herman Yu's and Nikki McClure's. We'll have the Jill Bliss/Saelee Oh one up soon too.

Today, in anticipation of a new shipment of Vynil wall stickers from France, we started putting up the Jungle Pod stickers at the shop. Here's a peek. They are a bit spendy but this particular pack has tons of stickers (many more than you see here) and will cover a wall pretty easy, with lots of leaves and stems to spare. We have them sprouting upside-down but you may arrange them as you see fit. Hopefully they are in transit as we speak!


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