Thursday, October 19, 2006


We've finally got a bit of OK47 in stock at the shop! They've brought back their very popular pinestripe screenprinted fabric (you might remember a few coveted tote bags when we opened a year ago) and made them into A-line skirts that are really great. We also have another design, a curious assortment of curlicues and cartoon faces on a soft teal jersey tie-front kimono cardigan that is super to take the chill off of sitting in the office under the A/C. Email us if you need pictures.

Also restocked are some favorite books - it's telling about the neighborhood that the best sellers are active and not passive. One is DIY - Design It Yourself, and the other is Drawing From Life - The Journal as Art. Both are filled with tons of inspirational images and stories.

New for us is a book that looks incredible - By Hand: The Use of Craft in Contemporary Art. Can't wait to sit down and read this one! I also have Blackstock's Collections, a visual catalog of, well, everything, by an autistic Seattle man, and for the doers, I have the new Speed Knitting, patterns by Brooklynite Kris Percival. There is also a copy of the new Jasper Morrison: Everything but the Walls but I might be keeping that for myself. Yes, we can reorder.

Finally, an update about Pinder Bags, since we get so many calls about them: no, I don't have any more of their laptop bags in stock. No, I'm not sure when there will be more! To fill the cute laptop sleeve void, I am talking to an independent designer who will make lovely, durable and waterproof handmade sleeves (with removable shoulder strap) that use wonderful fabrics on the outside, instead of the usual nylon or microfiber. Stay tuned about those...

Reminder: tonight is the opening reception for Converter, curated by Deadly Squire, at the Riviera gallery on Metropolitan in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. See you there!


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