Sunday, February 12, 2006


Good thing my door opens inward or I might not get out of here! Well yes it's snowing, and I'm at work, and trying to consider why that was a good idea :) Supposedly it was going to stop this afternoon but it's blowing pretty hard out there.

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday, to shop a bit, eat some chocolate, meet Ariyele my new assistant.

Rare Device opened four months ago today. Thanks for your support.


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Greenjeans Adventure said...

For some reason we are open today, too, though it took us nearly an hour to get here from Bushwick. Is there virtue in being open despite the weather? I'm not sure. But it sure is pretty to watch the snow billowing about the street outside the window.

Anyway, if we can't get out tonight we'll all just have to get together and have a shopkeeper's slumber party! I have a yoga mat in the back, and we could use pillows from your shop and blankets from mine... (Hope not!)

Happy 4-month birthday, Rena! Wow!!


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