Saturday, November 19, 2005

Gearing Up

Black Friday is coming, and I have never done it as a retailer. Should be interesting. I expect everyone will be milling around in Manhattan, but if you want to avoid the crowds, I'll be opening at 10am (possibly with fresh apple cider) and closing a bit later, if traffic demands it. Our neighbors at Greenjeans are opening at 10 as well so here is the plan - start with a coffee at Naidres, get your freshly baked apple turnover or chocolate croissant at Parco, and then come down and visit.

The custom tag orders are starting to happen. Please allow about 2 weeks for me to make them for you! They are great, personal presents for someone you love.

Friday, November 18, 2005


Thanks to everyone who came by last night, brought brownies, made mix CDs, sent flowers, or called to wish us good luck. It was really cool to see my designers, authors and artists all together. It was also cool to see how many people we could pack in here...

Today was fairly quiet, which gave me time to put the store back together. There are new bags by Sew Pretty, and they are indeed correctly named. There are sparkly going out bags and belts by Buss Buss. The Abitax large MP3/camera pockets are already here, they look like thumbless mittens. It is so cold out, it is starting to make sense to keep your icy cold iPod in a warm felt pocket.

We also have Poketo wallets now - I'm very excited about them, I have 6 or 7 different artist styles to pick from. There are some abstract ones but the monkey wearing different hats (you just have to see it) is my fave.

Finally, a new Hannukah and Snowflake card from Possum & Chestnut. They are interactive (!) and very nice.

Due to some good press attention, which will be revealed next week, we are stepping up the e-commerce part of the shop. It is a damned good thing I spent 8 years working on websites. There will be a *very* select few products available, as a test, and to keep my sanity for the holidays. Once the bugs are worked out, we'll gradually add more Rare products.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New Bags

I have been waiting a long time and they are finally here! I have a few styles of bags from Kisim, an Israel/California design company. They have lovely, geometric, minimal bags of buttery and glazed leather, and also fabric-lined nylon. One shape is like a portfolio so if you want to kill 'em at your graphic design firm, this is the bag to have.

Also new - Bling-Blink "diamond" rings from AlissiaMT. I believe MOMA has just picked these up. A great design concept and just fun, rings with the classic diamond profile but executed in acrylic. I have a bunch of sizes and colors to pick from.

More scarves arrived today, one is crocheted linked loops by Mmm..Fiber and the other are fine wool with a sassy bird appliqued on the ends, all the way from England, by Erin Originals. Erin also sent some very clever coin purses made from colored tape measures, they are folk art and modern at the same time.

That's it for now...the Aida Dirse pottery is starting to go, but more are on the way. How will you ever pick?

Monday, November 14, 2005


Congrats to Clare Nicolson, one our our designers, whose lovely teatowels were in the November issue of Elle Decor UK. I will have to say that I think it's one of my favorite magazines for inspiration, and this issue has some very handsome interiors in intriguingly deep colors. Anyway, I have some of her teatowels in the shop, see if you can spot them.

Thanks to Daily Candy for featuring the shop today, what a lovely bonus for our one-month anniversary!

Speaking of anniversaries, our neighbors at Greenjeans (a super boutique just a few doors away) got married recently in New Hampshire, and the other day I saw the newlywed bride running furiously past my window in her wedding dress, clutching flowers! Not sure what went on but I aim to find out.

I have ordered more Abitax, as the weather drops the idea of little warm felted pockets for your accessories sounds better and better. I'm going to get a larger version of the MP3/camera case that should hold a standard iPod or an Elph. I have *not* ordered the pocket ashtrays, though it's an awfully good idea.

Finally, just a reminder that we have gift certificates and can compile a wishlist for you in-store. The gift certificates were printed by yours truly in teal-green and bronze inks on Fabriano mouldmade paper and are available in any denomination. The wishlists will be compiled on Lovely Design rolodex cards and kept behind the counter to be accessed by the wish-fulfiller.