Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nam Kim

I have some sweet little clutch purses by Nam Kim in the shop, they are a lovely combination of leather and either herringbone or striped ticking, not too big and not too small. They have detachable leather wrist straps too.

Today I was flipping through Real Simple and I spotted Karin Eriksson's tealights and vases in a layout on still lifes. Congrats Karin! I have been seeing her work more and more lately in the press.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Time Out

In a moment of self-googling, I noticed that Rare Device was listed in the Time Out London Feb 1 issue devoted to New York. You can read that here - lots of other great shops in the article too.

And - a customer came in and said "rare device" is from a poem called Excelsior. I found the poem, it's by Longfellow, and the line was actually "strange device"...which of course will have to be the name of the next store :)

Back in stock soon - birds birds and more birds. Maybe some of you are tired of it but many others are not, more sweet bird sculptures by Joanna Mendicino are on the way, and the birdie cushions by Clare Nicolson that we opened the shop with. I think I'm going to dedicate the next month or two to spring cleaning and redecorating your place. You don't have to replace everything but adding a fun accent can really make a difference. I have posters, wall hangings, ceramic hangings, magnetic organizing strips...all sorts of things to freshen and shuffle up your environment.

Last thing - today, a new bracelet by yours truly was featured in the Washington Post in the Shopper column. You can find it online, we're in quite good company I think!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I have an awful lot of bags at the store, in many styles, but every week someone comes in scoping out bags suitable for either 1) laptops or 2) baby gear. Well the first dilemma is partially solved here and I just got in one solution for the second. You have probably seen Loom bags around if you are a parent, they are designed by a California mom and seem like a good sturdy baby bag. It is kind of messenger style but there are external pockets which can hold bottles, a magnet in the flap so one can open it up one-handed, and is utterly stain-resistant and washable. Comes with a little drawstring bag and changing pad too. Without the pad, you could fit a laptop in the bag too. Comes in a sturdy nylon or a cool coated fabric, and as with all the popular bags with Park Slopers, there are a gazillion pockets and a long over-the-shoulder strap.

I'm also scouting out another baby bag in a different, suede-like material (designed by another California mom) so if baby bags prove popular, there will be more in the store. It's up to you!

Rare Picks store update: the crocodile posters are backordered but arriving soon, and the Ro vertical messengers are gone, but I'll be adding a larger horizontal Ro messenger, an awesome Ro duffel, and the orange leather Fire First tote offered over the holidays. Lovely Fortes Design pillows on soft washed canvas are up next in the home decor department, and I'm going to add some of the new Karin Eriksson ceramics too, as soon as I can photograph them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Drama

I don't know how this keeps happening but everytime The Drama puts out another issue and has a release party, I have something going on. This time it's the arrival of half of my family from California. No party for me!

Anyway, if I can't go, you really should. The Drama is a wonder quarterly contemporary arts magazine, the latest issue (number 7) is at Rare Device, and they are having a party on the 19th at Union Pool in Brooklyn. Yes, there are bands and cheap beer and free issues as well.


Congrats to Canadian clothing label OK47 for their appearance in Daily Candy yesterday. There is a nice picture of the Mayday Dress in the email - we have this dress in stock but in a light brown/nude color instead of minty green. It's hard to think about spring dresses with this much snow on the ground but this one is so cute, it won't last long!

FYI, other clothing lines for spring will include House of Spy and Twice Shy (also Canadian), Undesigned, Augustine and LAmade (L.A.) and Lemon Twist (S.F.) with possibly some other surprises along the way. We have just started thinking about fall as well, it's very exciting over here.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Too bad it's not my birthday, because I'd sure be asking for this fabulous Gocco box set of prints. I have one of these little printing machines but my work doesn't quite turn out like this. Great stuff.

I want to feature more art at the shop but the lack of wallspace is the roadblock. I'm working on it, though.

No new goodies just yet, but many things are due in the next couple weeks. Besides all of the spring clothing, I am working on some more bags (more bags!) and trying to get more tabletop, cups, vases and the like. And of course cards, because we can't have everyone getting bored with the card selection. Thanks to my faithful regulars who stopped by today during the "Blizzard of '06" and looked so apologetic about dripping snow-slush on the floor.


Good thing my door opens inward or I might not get out of here! Well yes it's snowing, and I'm at work, and trying to consider why that was a good idea :) Supposedly it was going to stop this afternoon but it's blowing pretty hard out there.

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday, to shop a bit, eat some chocolate, meet Ariyele my new assistant.

Rare Device opened four months ago today. Thanks for your support.