Friday, March 31, 2006


I just got some casual, organic cotton tops by Twice Shy in the prettiest shade of blue. It is brighter than the sky and considering what an awesome day it is in Brooklyn, that's impressive. The tops have a delicate turkish pattern traced in a platinum silkscreen, plus pintucks, and it is going to be the best summer top. I also have a wear-anytime skirt from Twice Shy...

FYI I am cooking up many events for May, starting with a pre-Mother's Day sale on all jewelry and handbags, and then something really fun with Brooklyn superstar Lena Corwin. There is nothing like a little sunshine to get the brain moving again.

Today's listens: Pinback, Matmos, Joanna Newsom, Underworld and Amy Kohn, who just dropped off her new CD for me to listen to.

Today's snackfood: spicy thai Kettle Chips. So good.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back in Stock

The lovely Leigh of Jezebel stopped by to drop off more of her fabulous cards. Your two favorites, 'merci beaucoup' and the the little frog card are back, plus some new designs. Leigh says she's looking into having tees made as well, good luck!

Yesterday I got the oddest surprise package in the mail: a 2004 pinot noir in a tetrapak (like you use for soymilk and stuff) by French Rabbit. I guess it is a more environmentally friendly container than glass and cork?? Have to do some research on that. Anyway, it was very slightly leaky (downside of packaging) but that just means I have to drink it ASAP :)

Today I expect a visit from two indie luminaries, Miss Erin of Sodafine/Purldrop and Miss Jenny of Cutxpaste (and Miss Lola her wee adorable dog). Check out what they do...and hurray for lady-owned businesses!

Upcoming: I have been talking to some incredible artists from San Francisco and Oakland who do handblown glass and ceramics. I hope to have these by May/June, more news as it happens...and yes I *will* get the products onto the Rare Picks site, because everybody needs these. There are also tons of tiny clothing designers in Canada I am pondering for the fall...I know, it seems as if I have a Canada fetish these days but New York is such a competitive market, I have to try a little harder to get the goods to you!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Molly Dilworth of the Mollywood tees is also an artist. She has curated the new show at Spring in DUMBO that is going on right now. The cool Crystalyn Kae tote in the window of the store is also in the March issue of InStyle. And, it's spring, and I am indeed cleaning...I just unearthed a bunch of Serious Gnome skulls that need to go, so email or call to get the special blog reader discount!

And, I just found out that my friend Caterina (on Newsweek) is wearing a dress by a designer that I am going to pick up this summer. It's a little tiny small world...

Monday, March 27, 2006


This is a bit off-topic, but maybe it's not. I have to think about it some more...

I used to work in the Web industry, and then I stopped and changed directions. Yeah, a lot of people did that, that is not so unique. I still believe in the power of the Web to help my non-Web business (this here boutique) and keep track of what's going on in that world, though, and I still have a ton of friends who are gainfully employed and making breakthroughs to boot. I mean, my friends are on the cover of Newsweek. Egads!

Well, I just read the Newsweek story, and then I popped over to Caterina's blog to read her latest, and then I pondered about why one of my vendors was so startled when I said I didn't feel possessive about carrying their line. It's all mindset is collaborative and so I want my designers to succeed. It's ironic that yes, I am trying to bring rare items to the shop, but I also want others to carry those items. This is part of the merchandising thing that I think about all the time. The value of exclusivity ties in to why people shop and what they shop for, and for whatever reason that doesn't interest me as much as exposing a cool designer to you. I hope that will be a sound business strategy as well so that I can continue to do what I want to do...but we'll see :)

Enough philosophizing, time to clean the house...

Rare Elsewhere

Blogger ate my post about this so it's going to be a bit briefer...basically, as a shopkeeper I am always looking for cool products but sometimes the coolest ones just don't fit in the mix at my shop. Namely shoes...I found Mohop which is a super handmade, hand-silkscreened shoe line in Chicago, and I just don't carry shoes, dammit. But, my friend Erin at Sodafine in Fort Greene does, and she will have Mohop in stock this summer. I will indulge in a pair from her! Check out these shoes, they are worthy of hanging on a wall when you aren't walking around in them.

Restocked at the shop: Joy O Designs pullthrough earrings in shiny sterling and dark oxidized silver. More Jezebel cards (made in Brooklyn) are on the way too, as well items from the brand-new Augustine clothing line and more Crystalyn Kae hobos. We're also anticipating superfun jewelry and laser-etched mobiles by Australian designers Polli, and more Karin Eriksson goodies. Millimeter/milligram also has yet more cool planners and journals that I am reordering since I am just about out.

Last note: don't forget to visit Rare Device if you have a wedding or special event coming up. We can help you with a registry or custom order bridal jewels for you. We even know the name of some very good invitation designers, just ask :)