Saturday, October 14, 2006


1. More info about the November Deadly Squire exhibition is here. We're so excited! Some very limited paper goods will be available, made just for this occasion. Meanwhile, check out the Jill Bliss show, grab some tiny art or a datebook.

2. We have color swatches of the felted wool created by Peace Industry, the maker of our awesome rug. You can view all the styles online but we are the only place in New York that has the real deal in situ plus actual swatches for you to touch and look at, so if you are in the market, swing on by and we can help with your order.

FYI 1. The cause of the "what smells so good in this store?" that everybody asks about is the Juniper Ridge sachets. Yum yum, just like going on a hike.

FYI 2. Today (Sunday) is the last day of our one year anniversary sale at the Brooklyn shop! Everything but the Jill artwork, the Courtney Skott stump, and gift certificates are fair game. If you have been eyeing That Bag or That Necklace, now is the time to get it...

Friday, October 13, 2006


We are nutty about bags over here. OK maybe not nutty, but it's an interesting design problem and a there are a thousand ways to address it...hence the huge number of designs we have at the shop.

I took some pictures so that you can see the latest ones from Rabeanco - I don't put these on Rare Picks because I usually get one or two pieces and there are benefits if you can come shop in the store! But, if any of these strike your fancy, let me know. I have 2 tote styles, both with removable adjustable cross-body straps, and one big squishy carryall (with removable strap) in a color somewhere between a catcher's mitt and a basketball. Also, Pippi is looking fine in her Dace top and J Balducci necklace.

I have added some other things to the webshop, however, check it out.

Today is the first really chilly one. There are pumpkins on doorsteps and leaves all over the place. I remember jumping in piles of them with my best bud Courtney when we were growing up in Sacramento. Now I am here at the shop, staring at the piles of hats and scarves and trying to pick one for this year...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cobble Hill

We'll have a table out at the Cobble Hill Designer Fair, at wee Cobble Hill Park on October 21 (October 28 rain date). I will be at the shop but Laura will have her own handmade goodies out, plus a selection of goods from the shop - great for folks who live over there who just never find the time to make it to the Slope...

Coming up: more clothing from Dace and OK47, a new candle line, more Crowded Teeth goodies (we're out of the fingerless glove/mittens and it's not even November!) and maybe even a little jewelry by yours truly.

We are working as fast as we can in photographing items at the shop and getting them online for your buying pleasure. Of course the "we" is just me, for the most part, so if things get a little slow, go easy! And just send me an email if you need something.

Oh! Nearly forgot. One year ago today, Rare Device opened its doors to the public. It was a scary decision to finally "go live" as there was no going back. Thanks for a really great year, everybody!

The picture below was taken on move in day last summer.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rainy Day

Such a rainy day - a contrast to this week! Anyway we are busy bees at the shop, rearranging and putting out new products, as always.

New - Laurice Curran jewelry, all new styles and already moving fast; screenprinted vintage wallets and clutches from Shara Porter; long-sleeved tops from Umsteigen; and we are restocked on Tonfisk tea lanterns and cups! We'll get those online shortly, they are really nice wedding presents or gifts for tea lovers.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Not sure why I am doing this but here is my Technorati Profile.

Postscript: the reception was a blast, it's 73 degrees out, I am having a very nice day (not in the store!)