Friday, May 05, 2006


I know it is Cinco de Mayo and I should be thinking about margaritas but I just got the True Sake newsletter and it is always a pleasure to read, so now I am thinking about a cool cup of spring nama...this is another one of those places in S.F. that I miss and also wonder why nobody has opened one in New York. Anyway, Beau is very passionate about what he does and it is wonderful. He has a new book out and I need to hit the bookstores and check it out. This weather makes me want sushi and sake!

Speaking of drinks, I got another Tonfisk order in. We've switched to walnut this time so you can get the amazing tea lantern, matching cups and even a tea tray in gorgeous walnut. I also got the matching milk and sugar set for you completists.

Just a reminder about the party for Lena Corwin on Thursday night, and the Mother's Day sale here this weekend. See ya!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Growing Things

As someone who still feels new to the whole East Coast seasons thing, spring is a terribly exciting time of the year. I just can't stop bringing garden kits into the shop! I got a box of three kinds of plant kits for you (will have them online for sale soon) -

The Eggling, which I think you've seen around but are still cute - ok this one is labeled "The Growing Egg" on the box, it is a ceramic egg with soil and seeds inside. You knock the top off and add water and you are rewarded with a cute little plant. I have lemon balm, basil, mint and chamomile.

Plants in a can - a little metal tin with a similar concept, except this time you get a tiny cactus garden, or wee bonsai black pine trees.

A new one - the message bean - a tall can with a beanstalk-worthy tall plant waiting to grow. The oversized seed pod head has been laser-etched with a message which reveals itself as the plant grows. It's so kooky I had to do it. Choose from Happy Birthday or Thank You.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I got one slightly beat-up box from Korea today. O-check delivers again with great paper goods and little accessories that just are perfect for the store. Let's see, we have more skinny weekly calendars that you can't seem to get enough of, and little blue bird notebooks. I got new notebook designs in 3 sizes for journal addicts, plus a monthly scheduler tablet, more of the petite yearly planners, more of the fabric-covered buttons that everyone loves, passport document jackets (the long skinny sort) and a stapler. Why did I get staplers shipped from Korea? Well, you will just have to come look at them and decide for yourself.

What else - a beautiful book of vintage swissair posters by George Gerster, all amazing aerial photography from a time when you couldn't just go to Google Maps and hunt down a picture. The Mark Ryden book is here. More J Fold wallets for the gentlemen (and enlightened ladies). And a new card line, Little Oranges of California, letterpressed, cheery and slightly retro.

And - the new magazine A Public Space is having a launch party at the Aurora Gallery on W. 29th St in Manhattan. Unfortunately it's the same night as the Lena Corwin reception! Ah well, but they do promise "drinks music secret djs projections mirth" so perhaps someone can report back for me.

Current weird obsession: "hunan dumplings" that are vegan and in the take-out case at the health food stores in the area. They are oddly good. Obviously I need to hunt down some real Chinese food.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lena Corwin

Lena and I spent the day installing her exhibition. It looks FAB. Please do come by and check it out. Don't forget the reception is Thursday the 11th.

Also: check out Rare Device spring fashion here in a cute little Flash presentation. Yes I hate Flash but this one is very simple, no dancing icons or musical bursts, I promise.

Also: friends are having an open studio this Saturday night in Brooklyn, 18th St and 3rd Ave, if you want details let me know. Photography, painting, food, drinks, what more can you want?

Also: Slope Suds a block away is having a grand opening party Friday night. Champagne and such, I hear...

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spring Fashion

Please look here for just a few photos from a Rare Device fashion shoot done yesterday in Prospect Park by the illustrious Youngna and cute as heck illustrator/model/bartender Katie. Katie is managing to keep a straight face even though there was a breezy chill at sundown in the park last night. I will be editing and uploading more photos to the RD website this week.

P.S. Youngna was part of the Hey Hot Shot show at Jen Bekman last year, and her work is also up at Joe right now (details here) at 9 E. 13th St.