Friday, December 16, 2005


It's encouraging that craft is pulling itself up by the bootstraps and is not a dirty word any longer. (At least in this country - I think there is more appreciation overall everywhere else.) This despite the fact that a well-regarded college in California recently pulled the word "craft" out of the name of the school...The latest issue of Metalsmith has an essay on the state of craft now and 25 years ago, I believe, it was an interesting read.

Karin Eriksson's ceramics are here. They are very beautiful and thoughtful pieces. I have vases chime-like wall hangings, and delicate bone china tealight holders. Sweden is quite dark for part of their year and I think the residents love their warm and inviting candlelight.

Also in - Knit Knit issue 6, by and for people interested in pushing this craft further.

Also also - the Jill Bliss Native Flowers journals are back in, everybody loves these, I have quite a stack of them. A few new books: paperback edition of Big Up with incredible photography, Dot Dot Dot issue 10 for the graphic designers, and 100% Evil, a very tiny yet diabolical book.

Lemon Twist

It was so nice to wake up this morning and find that Lemon Twist, a women's clothing label in San Francisco, was featured in Daily Candy today. I had just been poring over some swatches at the shop yesterday! I have a sweet little skirt by them and always get compliments when I wear it. I will be bringing some of those skirts, as well as perfectly structured tops, to the shop for spring.

They have just opened a storefront in Hayes Valley in SF so someone please check it out for me and report back!

Today I'm relieved not to have to walk a 2 1/2 miles to my shop, no transit strike as of yet. It is lovely and sunny and I am in an awfully good mood, and I haven't even had my coffee yet.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ten Days

Ten days to go and then we can breathe a sigh of relief and eat some pie and pudding! It has been very interesting to observe shopper behavior. Some people are scrupulously good about buying for others, some seem mad that they can't shop for themselves...some are buying for themselves anyway :)

We were pleased to see Karin Eriksson's ceramics as we were flipping through the magazine Living Etc. We anxiously await her wonderful, delicate pieces to arrive. Congrats Karin!

New today - more Fire First bags, the first batch flew out of here, and we have new shapes and sizes to offer. These bags are heavy woven nylon, unisex, with more pockets, straps and buckles than you'll know what to do with.

Also I got some canvas zippered pouches from Twelve, it seems like a lot of people just need little organizational pouches and these are the ticket. I use mine all the time so I don't lose things in the depths of my bigger bag.

I have just a little bit of jewelry from Fernworks and Kriya Davis. Fernworks embeds grass, leaves, seeds, vertabrae (!) in resin, or floats stark imagery of winter trees and crows on top of resin. The pendants are strung on very fine jewelry wire so they appear to float on your skin. They are very poetic and unique. Kriya has ultraminimalist brushed silver jewelry - discs and crescents that are pierced to create very timeless patterns.

Don't forget - holiday sale and trunk show this Saturday! We're going to warm up some cider for you to sip as you browse. Should be fun!! Also, holiday hours start Saturday - we'll be open 12-8 (at least) every night through the 24th. We are debating closing from the 28th through the New Year and back on our normal Weds-Sun schedule starting Jan 4. This gives us time to relax with family and also do inventory at the preparation for the post-holiday sale! Stay tuned.