Friday, December 01, 2006


The fans of our Vanessa Yanow zipper necklaces are going to like these a lot. Nicole of Inhabit Structures sent a package of necklaces, rings and cufflinks made from old watches. They are quite incredible! She plays off the fact that watches have tiny gems, like rubies, set into the surface, and her "shake" pendants in particular include additional gemstones among the watch parts that move when you do.

We also are introducing a new handbag line, Hayden Harnett. We have some of their bags, some wallets and some fun coin purses too. Take a look:

Email us if you are interested in any of these items.

Added just a couple things to the webshop. I need to add the Magnolia Tree version of the Lumen, we have a few of those and they are great! I remember watching one bloom in my neighborhood in Oakland, CA and thinking that it was the wrong time of the year...the seasons are a bit funny over there. I also made a fix to the RSS feed for the New Products. You can sign up for the feed, or even have new products emailed to you! Just go to any product page and sign up in the right-hand column of the page, toward the bottom. Look for the little orange RSS symbol.

We hear the weather is going to drop dramatically tomorrow (from 69 to 49) so it will be a nice time to come out and start that gift shopping in earnest. We'll see you soon!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tim Biskup

We are so excited to get a couple items featuring SoCal artist Tim Biskup - his style is self-described as mid-century modern meets punk rock. Laura and I were oohing and aahing over the art today. Some shots below, one is a slender but oversized art book for his show "American Cyclops", with incredible fluorescent endpapers and produced by a gallery in Spain, and the other is a cool deck of cards in a tin, 52 unique cards plus 3 bonus ones, just for fun. If you are interested in either of these, contact us ASAP as we only got a couple of each. The card deck ($15) we might be able to get more of, the books ($40) are less likely, they are an edition of 2000. Sorry, they are not eligible for our 20% off sale!

It was crazy box day as Wednesdays always are. Lots of turnover, lots of things going in and out of stock on the website. I know it drives ya crazy sometimes but we really do like to keep some things as rare as we can.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Supergal Molly mentions that she'll be in town for the latest party to celebrate the WorldChanging book, we keep missing her so this time we're sure to be there. Are we getting the book for the store? Heck yeah!

That shindig is December 12. Let's see, this week there is a party for the latest issue of 400 Words, and an illustration show in Williamsburg, and one at Giant Robot in the East Village. I am going to try and be the most social I have been in 2006 and attend all three - plus ship out orders to all you crazy, nice people. December 10 is the deadline for holiday orders, if I don't poop out before then!

We'll be restocked on the Year of White Pages by December 4 if all goes well with customs, and then we'll be fulfilling many backorders and even reserving a few for the store itself.

I put a bunch of new products in the webshop, and more to come, to change things up a little. I am also working with the web team on the new site (RD 3.0) where you'll be able to keep wishlists and registries and save multiple shipping addresses and all of that good stuff. It's very exciting.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


It's hard to believe it is almost December when people are running around in shorts and t-shirts in Brooklyn! It put me in an awfully good mood today so we had an impromptu 20% off sale on all clothing and books, and it went over very well, so I think we'll just keep on with the discount until I change my mind, or the weather becomes inclement, or both. If you have been hesitant to come out to the Slope, we hope that will help make it worth your while.

Thanks all for being so patient as we wait for this from Italy, that from Sweden, this other from France to be restocked. I am being a nervous mother hen (who knows how to e-mail) herding her chicks, or packages...I am mixing too many metaphors now so I think I will stop.

We are going to add a handbag designer who is getting very nice coverage and reviews lately - Hayden-Harnett, a little company that operates out of Brooklyn, somewhere between the shop and my house. They are expanding to apparel and rather luscious belts for the spring but we are going to try and stay focused on the bags for right now. Expect to see their trademark frame bag, big squishy hobos and maybe a very nice, aspirational satchel (with crossbody strap, natch) quite soon, plus some of their coin purses, wallets and other little goodies. I think they will fit in well with the mix - beautiful colored leather, sweet printed linings and functional pockets inside, not too much hardware, and just the right size.

I have been lagging a bit about putting things up in the webshop, but the wrists are a bit achy. I promise I'll get some new stuff up soon, including the last couple Lithuanian tea bowls that are one of kind pieces. Why not? They'll be beautiful gifts for someone.