Saturday, August 12, 2006


Sort of an aside, but it seems like my work is to be published in definitely one and possibly two books this year.

The definite: Communicating with Pattern: Circles and Dots, an inspirational sourcebook by Keith Stephenson of Absolute Zero Degrees, who make fabulous wallpaper by the way. There will be some jewelry of mine that feature circles as a pattern.

The possible: No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas For Your Blog, also an inspirational ideabook by the mighty Maggie Mason of shopping blog Maggie wanted to use an art project I made long ago for, one of the earliest internet swaps, the brainchild of my friend Judith Zissman.

And around town - new stores are popping up everywhere. There is a new home store on Henry in Brooklyn Hts called Abitare, it's tucked next to the Tazza coffee/wine bar and they aren't ever open when I get home but it looks nice. And a Flight 001(!) is popping up at Smith and Bergen where Valencia Bakery used to be. I hope they keep the great old 3D signage...but I have a feeling they won't.

It's supposed to be a gorgeous 81 degrees today, I think the store will be busy. Just wait til you see all the new things!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Caroline Hwang

Caroline Hwang doesn't know this but I've admired her art long before she shyly approached me about selling her prints. I have two hand-screened big gorgeous prints at the shop, in an edition of just nine, and it's almost pointless to talk about this without showing you an image too. HOWEVER. We're having technical difficulties here with our new camera (or rather, the decrepit old PowerBook at the shop that geeky guys always remark upon when they visit with their girlfriends). As soon as we fix it up, pictures I promise! Anyway you can Google her and look at the prints on her website, it's called "The Hurt in Me Works".

Did I mention that the Rabeanco leather bags are back in stock? They are so lovely. I have more of the rectangular duffel-style as well as the flat totes - all with removable, adjustable shoulder straps.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New for August

We are back from our sojourn to Berlin and Prague and, other than a little summer cold, no worse for wear. OK, maybe we're a few pounds heavier from eating duck and dumplings to soak up all that Czech beer...

So many new products and restocks came in, it's crazy! I'm just going to list them now, and try and get some pictures up later.

Pamela Barsky vintage scarf pins and deconstruction journals
Nava Design embossed leather money clips and credit card holders
2 photography books of Polaroids by Mike Slack
Jill Bliss new journal and address book
Issue 8 of The Drama
Issue 2 of A Public Space
Strips, Toons and Bluesies and Brodsky and Lutkin, two very different books
City Walks decks for Washington DC
dbclay wallets, 3 cool designs plus 3 absolutely one-of-a-kind designs

Aida Dirse ceramic bowls, yes we have a few in stock now
Rectangle Designs v-neck tunics that everyone is going crazy for
City Walks New York decks
Nava Design 'one year of white pages'
Polli jewelry
Amy Tavern jewelry

There is even more on the way so stay tuned. I am going to add and subtract things from the Rare Picks e-commerce site tonight.