Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kristen Aronsson

I have just a couple Kristen Aronsson bags in right now, from her winter line. These were the amazing handmade leather bags with pleats, gathers, weaves and braids that were the major lust objects during the holidays. They are in amazing colors with her signature metallic-lined straps and coordinating linen linings, with all the phone and gadget pockets a gal needs these days. Kristen says she has new shapes and new colors for us for spring, so stay tuned.

Park Slope Chic

We are honored to be in the latest issue of New York Home magazine, in an article entitled "Park Slope Chic" by Grace of design*sponge that reviews some of the design-oriented shops in the neighborhood. We're in the great company of Nest, Loom, Matter and 3r Living. Hurrah for Brooklyn shops!

Back in stock, by demand: Kathleen Lewis Honey Dream Cream in large and small jars - the winter weather is doing awful things to my skin so this lovely cream is really the ticket. It is made of natural ingredients and contains no water, so it is thick and rich, a little dab really works.

Also - don't know if I've mentioned it but we have Purldrop crocheted earrings back in stock as well. These are painstakingly made in Fort Greene and will be hot for spring. I have seen other more expensive versions in magazines, but why not save some money and buy local?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Extra Lovely

Paper lovers rejoice, the Lovely Design journals are back in stock! I have the petite Pocket Book (blue, green and red) and the larger Journey Book (blue, orange and red), plus one of the maple card files...these are guaranteed to go fast.

I also have some of the Pinder laptop bags in blue and green - the medium size is backordered but if you have a 12" or 17" laptop, you'll want to take a look. These are as slender as a sleeve but come with tote handles and an optional shoulder strap too. If you just need to tuck your computer in a larger bag, this is the ticket.

The Sympatico candles are here, and also some great new bags from Six Foot Four, lovingly made in Greenpoint. Come by this weekend and check it all out!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sheila D

Congrats to Sheila D who made Daily Candy today with her graphic, go-anywhere reversible totes! Sheila was a great find in Park Slope, I happened across a postcard of her work at a cafe and the rest is history :) We've got a few totes in both sizes at the shop, if you don't see them on the wall o' bags, just ask.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Welcome Ariyele!

A slightly belated welcome to Ariyele who may periodically be assisting (and doing a damn fine job of it) at the store. Ariyele is also a jewelry designer and much more fastidious than me to boot.

Today I got word that a very nice line of candles that I ordered is on its way, so they should be here by the weekend, with scents like Hemp, Bulgarian Rose, Cocoa and Clementine. The Lovely Design journals should also be in stock by then too - these sold out instantly when I opened the shop so if you want one, come on in as soon as you can. These are the handbound books with a selection of found and recycled papers and envelopes inside, a functional work of art and a great gift for you or a friend.

That's it for now, my family is in town and my niece is here, crocheting the dog a blanket. Craftiness really does run in the family!