Friday, November 10, 2006


I'm so enjoying the sun, it brings people out and about! It's a bit cooler than yesterday, there will be a run on mittens and hats again, so if you have your eye on any of those Crowded Teeth ones, get them soon.

I'm putting out tree ornaments, a few at a time. We have the pewter seahorses and now we'll have some laser-etched stainless steel ones from Polli. These are very similar to the earrings, except cut from a lighter sheet. If you want something non-traditional on your tree, or just want something pretty to hang in the window, come and see these, there are two styles.

The glass tea kettle is here! I like it a lot. I just put it up on the webshop too.

I also received some new books, but you will have to come in the store to browse. We have fun art, design and comic books which make great gifts.

On the way: New vases from Joanna Mendicino, holiday cards from Possum & Chestnut, and some surprises...

The Party

You missed the party for Deadly Squire! And if you did, you missed Anna, Tim and Benjamin, Laura's homemade chocolate chip cookies, mingling with awesome illustrators and fashion designers, lots of fabric drumsticks being brandished about, and the funniest thing ever, a dachschund puppy reunion and small dog orgy in front of the store. Here are some photos by MK Wong who manages Cursive at ABC Carpet and Home, and one by me of Benjy on his Deadly Squire changing pad. Thanks to the DSQ crew and everyone who came by.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I love silkscreened work. You get a double dose of texture and color...texture because the ink is usually slightly raised off the paper and matte, almost powdery like a milk paint, and the colors are very pure and saturated - no dot patterns! The latest bit of silkscreen at Rare Device arrived today in the form of notecards by Deadly Squire.

If you love their patterns you must get these! They are bundled into sets of 6 different patterns, each set wrapped in a band and some sealing wax stamped with the dagger logo. Anna and Tim made the cards for their show (reception tonight!) and you can only get them here.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

mmmg and more

New arrivals: millimeter/milligram planners, sketchbooks and journals - everybody loves these and they will go fast! Somehow they have picked up on two hot trends (owls and masked wrestlers) and put them together...and it works.

A lovely brown knit kimono cardigan from OK47, gracing Pippi the mannequin right now, she looks very cozy.

Restock of Amy Tavern jewelry (and we've added a new necklace style to the webshop). Pamela Barsky's white midcentury modern piggy banks are back in as well.

A Beehouse mini teapot in a new shade they call "oolong", it's a serene taupe color, very nice.

On the way: I found a tea kettle that I like, finally - yes, one you can put on the stovetop, whether gas or electric. It's completely clear too, so you get to watch your water boil! They will be here by Friday, and will be in the store and online this weekend. Here is a picture:

And, we're going to have just a bit of clothing from awesome cult brand Odd Molly from Sweden! These are hard to find in the States, and I am getting some fun tops and a super sweater coat to test the waters, so to speak.

P.S. Reception for Deadly Squire is tonight (Thursday)! I think the rain will stop so come by and have some wine and cider.

P.P.S. I got all industrious last night and wrote my RSS feed for new webshop products. Ah, I'm such a geek. I'm still testing everything but if you are curious it's at and I will eventually change out the link from the webshop page. Bear with me...