Friday, July 28, 2006


I have very sweet ceramic piggy banks from Pamela Barsky. They are a soft white or a avocado/pea green, have a little loop handle on the top and a hole on the bottom (with rubber stopper) so you can actually get your money back out. The most fun part though is that she has popped a little envelope of money into each pig belly. Most are a loose change, a lucky few will have up to $100 inside (!). And no, you can't open the boxes to find out.

I am restocked on the mi Spa, and also some very reasonably priced handbags, and I am sitting here in the A/C making jewelry. It looks like it's going to rain any second now.

Bklyn news: our friends are DJ'ing at the new giant and wood-paneled bar Union Hall on Saturday night, downstairs where it is less hectic, and they just might play the Boo Radleys for you if you ask nice.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Kate has updated her site/project/brand Obsessive Consumption and you should go check it out. She has been hand-drawing things she purchases, for a long long time now. And those pesky credit card statements. Art and craft and life all smooshed together.

I have more goodies in the store for your consuming pleasure as well. New screenprinted tees and totes by Maryink, once from Brooklyn and now on some tropical island or some such, I believe. A few new stripey dresses by Talla so you can make the most of the summer weather.

I have gaffers tape wallets by dbclay coming up, they are also screenprinted or they have undergone some magical processing and have photos reproduced on the surface. They are supposed to be tough as nails too! Also due in this week are more mi-Spa roll-on dry perfume vials which the ladies can't get enough of this summer, and more handbags. Always.

Almost the last thing - a lovely lady named Alexis popped in the shop, she is a perfumer and sells her hand-blended scents (Scent by Alexis) down the street at Neda, among other places. They come in lush and hand-gilded containers and with names like Queen Bitch, how can they be bad?

VACATION ALERT: I am going on vacation! The Rare Picks site will be up but orders taken during the week of August 1-8 will not be fulfilled until my return. Ariyele will be handling shop duties and shipping out backorders, however. (And if you know of anywhere in Prague or Berlin I should hit, drop me a note.)