Saturday, August 26, 2006

Camilla Restock

The Camilla Engman prints are back in stock...get them while you can! If they last a week or two I will put them on the website for sale.

I have been adding things to the site to buy, at least 6 or 8 things, check it out. I will be going away next week but someone will be shipping and checking email...

Thursday, August 24, 2006


The ladies of Fokus Fabrik in Finland got a nice little writeup in Wallpaper*'s funny, I haven't read that magazine in years really but if you want to find out about truly international product design, there you go. Anyhow, there is a little packet in the mail of Fokus bags and skirts and I'm really excited to get them. I am investigating having handbound journals covered in their fabric as well.

That's it for today - in between everything else I am reading about melancholy as I like to do on sunny August days :)


An emerging designer co-op in Atlanta, Beehive, is launching a new concept this fall - a franchise of their store concept that is the "anti-franchise" in their own words. This could be very interesting as there are many, many people who want their own store but need a little more guidance, support, etc. Check it out here. I'm excited to see where these will pop up...

As promised, a few pictures.

Erin at Sodafine, Grand St, Wburg

Susanne from Umsteigen and mannequin friend

Myperennial pillows

On the way: more bags! Fall clothes from House of Spy. More little birdie coinpurses. Other amazing this n' that.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

New This Week

Blogger seems to be killing my browser whenever I try and post pictures, so we'll just have to do with our imaginations today.

- Lots and lots of Karin Eriksson ceramics, including some new big vases and some bigger, noodle-sized bowls. Beautiful as usual.

- New tops and dresses from Umsteigen, printed and sewn entirely in Manhattan. Susanne makes new patterns, shapes and color combos every 8 weeks so you are guaranteed a limited-edition piece.

- Fun pillows in colored canvas by My Perennial, I am getting some mod graphic designs soon but these are great big hand-drawn folk-art monograms that Jen silkscreens in black or white onto 16" pillows. Fun for a kids room or maybe as a wedding present.

I broke down and put some fall clothing out...come by and check it out first!

PRESS: Thanks to design*sponge for featuring our new vases by Andrew DeWitt and LightenUp! Designs. Also, Tonfisk tells me their tea lantern set has been chosen by Wallpaper* for a 'Designs of the Decade' article that will be out soon. Big congrats to them! We'll have to get that set up on Rare Picks, I'm not sure why we haven't already!

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: We'll be closed Labor Day weekend (Friday through Sunday) so please plan your visits accordingly. I'll be in Northern California eating at old favorite places (Minako Sushi) and new (Canteen) plus visiting designers and stores. If you know of any new boutiques I should visit, let me know!

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Did you see the great article on Poketo in the NY Times Magazine today? I am just so proud of Angie and Ted for their growing mini-empire that supports emerging artists. We have a new batch of their wallets in from their Tokyo artist series, and we are awaiting their sketchbooks and housewares as well. Great job guys!

Also - the great big cable-knit wool Margaret Nicole tote is in InStyle this month. Nicky got great press *and* just had twins so it's been crazy for her I'm sure. Congrats!

A reminder to everyone: Jill Bliss solo show for the month of October at Rare Device. We'll have wee artwork in the show, plus an appearance by my genuine carved bear from Northern California (you can't drive through the woods without buying one) and some other surprises. Jill has created a new poster just for this show as well, we'll have these available on the website for purchase.