Thursday, January 04, 2007

1000 Journals

Ah, a blast from the past - the 1000 Journals project is still alive and kicking, and there will even be a book out soon with artwork from some of the returned journals. Of course we will stock these books! Many, many years ago, we participated in the project and contributed to a journal, but ours had a very short run and never was returned...I still hope it turns up someday.

This makes me think of a similar project that Poketo is doing right now...speaking of Poketo, new wallets in very soon. And we got more millimeter/milligram in today (I know we aren't open but that doesn't mean I am not doing work at the store!) which I will get online for you to buy ASAP. I have been trying to decide if I should hold new products for the new website, but since the launchdate is stretching out a bit, I think I have to deliver the goods now so you are not without adorable planners and datebooks! OK I am off to photograph said planners right now.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


In light of everyone's interest in our Vynil wall art stickers by various European artists, here is an American artist who has taken it to a beautiful extreme - just got an email from the Traywick gallery in California about Benicia Gantner who uses cut vinyl extensively in her work. So very lovely...they remind me a bit of Darren Waterston and his hypnotic paintings.

Speaking of Vynil, we are hoping to be back in stock on all styles in a week or so. Everyone is coming back from their holidays and it's an odd time to have stuff shipped over, but slowly it is all arriving. We'll have more Hanna Werning posters, including the sold-out hippo and crocodile styles, as soon as we are back at the shop.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Welcome 2007

We are still on holiday at Rare Device but we'll see you at noon on January 10! Web orders placed between the 1st and the 9th will go out when we return. We're trying to take a break and rejuvenate so that we can make more improvements to the Brooklyn store and the webstore as well. (If you are hankering to go shopping, though, we suggest the Kim Family Benefit Auction which will run over the next 4 days...)

So what improvements are we talking about? Now that we have experienced your voracious appetite for certain rare products, we will try and keep a larger inventory on hand. It sort of counteracts the "rare" part but when you gotta have it - we understand.

We are trying to launch the new and improved website this month - let's call it RD 3.0 - and there will be more accurate inventory indicators and backorder management, the ability to save shipping addresses and your credit card info, order history, wishlist capabilities and all of that good stuff. Of course, getting it right means lots of testing so please bear with us as we get it right.

Products we are are planning to bring in over the next couple months: Ivy wall hook system, Katie Muth and Golden Hen Press printed goods, Coe & Waito porcelain, boygirlparty goodies, and lots of cool art and design books. There will be even more but that will have to be a surprise. Also, in an effort to make space for said goodies, we'll be holding a grand sale at the end of the month.

That's it for now - off to ship and do more work - but I will say I had a lovely day in the city, seeing the contemporary ceramics show at the Japan Society and eating a late lunch at Casa Mono with friends, then taking a catnap at home, eating a homemade Meyer lemon pudding cake and finishing knitting a new wooly hat. A pretty great day.