Saturday, June 10, 2006


I really wasn't going to add another category of products at the store but I just couldn't resist. Itchyknee makes very sweet and modern pet accessories. I think I saw them a year ago at a street market in Manhattan and recently my friend Judith re-introduced them to me, and it was fated to be. We now have their tiniest wares, which include catnip mice in lovely dots and tweeds, matatabi (sticks of Japanese catnip) and pinstriped catnip birds that sit on their own pewter branch when not in use.

Also in is the new issue of Me Magazine, this time the guest editor is songstress Keren Ann. If you have any other magazine suggestions for the store, let me know!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Shopping Report

We have a very nice write-up and some pictures of the store in the July can see it here. We like that they mention this blog as a source of design tips, we're very into developing that aspect further.

In the hood this weekend - Brooklyn Pride celebration, Puerto Rican Day Parade, sunny skies and good shopping.
Coming up - Brooklyn Blogfest, June 22 at the Old Stone House. Ariyele's birthday! Lots more.

Today's tunes - Hail to the Thief, Girls Can Tell, In an Aeroplane Under the Sea.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

New This Week

The packages are wet but the goods got here safely today. Two new designers work plus a restock arrived today.

The restock is Kriya Davis' pierced and brushed silver jewelry, I always run out of the necklaces so I got extra this time.

New clothing designer from Vancouver - Allison Wonderland, see images below.

And, I have Alisha Louise jewelry - yet another Seattle silversmith, I have many Seattle jewelry designers here. I have some great simple silver stick earrings, and some very nice silver plus enamel disc necklaces and earrings.

Finally, Hammerpress from Missouri sent some great letterpressed items - chunky, colorful, overprinted wood type letterpress. You will like it.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I had a post all ready, with pictures, about the new stuff at the shop, but Blogger decided to be offline all afternoon so that post will have to go up tomorrow. Right now I will alert you to two events...

The New York comics museum, MoCCA is having an art festival this weekend at the Puck Building in Manhattan. Tons of creators selling goods! Chris Ware talking to Charles Burns! All good stuff. I will be there if someone covers for me at the shop. Thanks to Matthea for the tipoff!

And...LVHRD is sponsoring a Paul Pope talk on the 27th. Which I would LOVEx3 to see. But it seems really expensive ($33-55). Yeah, I'm cheap and this is New York and everyone's got to eat, but I haven't ever paid that much for a *lecture*, even if the drinks are provided. So sadly I am out. But AdHouse Books is publishing an art retrospective this month, and I'll be trying to get that for the shop.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


As promised the new bags and totes from Hong Kong are here. The brand names are Rabeanco and Chat Chat, and they are made with the most lovely-colored leather. And because I know what you are looking for, 4 of the 5 styles I have chosen have removable long shoulder straps for that cross-body action. Heck, one of the totes has removable handles as well, so you can really clean up the look of your bag!

Reminder: I've been preparing for weeks now for two events:

Gen Art Shop NYC on June 14 - This event is at the Puck Building from 6 to 10pm and I will be selling my jewelry, over half will be new designs or one-of-a-kind pieces. You can buy tickets online at 60% off by going to and entering "designer" for the discount code...and I have two FREE passes, if you are the first two to email me with your first/last name I will put you on the list at the door. See flyer below for designers.

7th Heaven Street Fair on June 18 - we're hauling a bunch of stuff outside for a giant sidewalk sale so don't miss it. If you are not a street fair kind of person, we're at the very end so you can always sneak in at 16th St and leave quietly with your goodies.