Thursday, December 08, 2005

Daily News

We're honored to have not one but two mentions in the Daily News Gift Guide (the Dec 8 edition). One is the Stump Teapot, which is quite adorable and just the right size for tea for one, and comes in orange, aqua, red and white. The other is a pink flower ring by omondieu! and I have tons of colors, sizes, and kinds of flowers available.

New in the shop are a few crocheted hats in zany color combos by Madeye Designs, and sweet notecards by Darling Shoppe, also known as my friend Christine the birthday girl, down in L.A.

What I am really excited about however is the electric water kettle that is ready to make me piping hot tea at a moment's notice. I will try to stock up on some cups so that visitors can have some too.

Don't forget - sale and trunk show on Saturday the 17th, and open until 8pm. Afterwards I will be attending the BUST Magazine Craftacular in Williamsburg to catch up on my own holiday shopping, that event runs from noon to midnight! Check out for more info.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


It is so cold today that even Sal, the stalwart UPS guy in my hood, who never bundles up is wearing a hat and gloves. The wind is something awful which might explain why I can't quite shake this cold I have, and why everyone who comes in wants a piece of Kleenex!

While it is slow, the back of my mind churns about how I want winter, and spring to look at the shop. Please, now is the time to tell me if you think I should have more of one thing or less of another.

New at the shop - more really interesting reading for you, actually some books that are more about imagery than words - a book of whimsical Japanese fashion illustrations, a visual essay of abandoned bicycles locked to poles, a catalog/zine from an LA art show curated by David Choe, a McSweeneys publication of art based on confiscated notes from school children, and the collected 'Black Hole', a rather groundbreaking comic book (graphic novel?) by Charles Burns. I also have Jordan Crane's journey/fairytale 'The Clouds Above' back in stock, and two giant hardcover collections of Love and Rockets stories, but I might keep those to myself...

We hear we'll be in yet another gift guide tomorrow in the Daily News. Yay for press!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cool Things

These aren't exactly related to the shop but they are very interesting nonetheless. I spend a lot of time clicking around, trying to get a feel of what is going on in the world, here is some of my research.

neet magazine - if you ever wondered what magazines would look like if they only featured great indie products, here you go

domestic element - great, subtle, not-subtle, funny, thoughtful designs on textiles

juniper ridge - when i lived in the East Bay (California) i used to visit these folk at the farmer's market and inhale their douglas fir tip tea and soaps. it is such a homey smell to me and i love it but i don't know what new yorkers would make of it so i have been hesitant to stock these things...but you never know

Monday, December 05, 2005

Notes and Reminders

1. If you aren't in NYC, you can shop our Rare Picks for the holidays through this Friday!
2. I ran into Laurice Curran on the train and one thing led to another - I'm going to have my first trunk show and Laurice will bring rarities from her line for you to select from, at a discount. I'm also going to take 10% off of everything in the shop on the day of the event (December 17, a Saturday) and bring some wine and induce Derek to make more lemon bars and it'll be a good party!
3. Special shop hours as of the 17th - I will open everyday from the 17th through the 24th for your shopping convenience, and will close no earlier than 8pm...later depending on the traffic. Call ahead if you need me to stick around.
4. Closing up on Dec 25 to NAP! and eat some good cooking. I have not decided on the week of the 26th through the 1st, I might be closed and taking inventory. And then...
5. Sale in January, make sure you are on the e-mail list so you hear about it first.

Coming soon: dresses from Undesigned, riotous crocheted hats from Madeye Designs, and yes, the Jill Bliss journals are back in print and I ordered a bunch of them.