Saturday, May 27, 2006

Amy Tavern

I just can't keep Amy Tavern's work in stock. I just got a box of many new designs, including the egg necklace and earrings (funny how a slightly misshapen oval can be so evocative) and more gold-filled and blackened steel pieces which are just so sophisticated. Amy will be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg next month and I can't wait to meet her!

FYI, Lena Corwin's show is coming down after next Wednesday the 31st. I'll still have the lovely limited-edition plates and some muslin posters at the shop but everything else must go back to Fort Greene, so come by and peek at her great window while you can.

Shop Images

Just a couple images of the latest at Rare Device. Tania Julian vases and Forlife coffee (or tea) press for one. The press will be available online to purchase this weekend - we've added a "New Arrivals" section to Rare Picks so it'll show up there.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Holiday Weekend

It's shaping up to be a drizzly, quiet Memorial Day weekend in Brooklyn. Today was the first clammy day, always a surprise after the oh-so-nice spring weather. Oh well, knew it couldn't last.

For your weekend enjoyment though, there are new books in, including a comics/sketchbook called Process Recess, Evany's book, the new Kitchen Sink and Cabinet magazines for your consumption, and a crazy book called The Difference Between Telling and Selling from the office of Ryan McGinness. Finally, we have just one copy of "The Zine Unbound" which was created for an exhibition in San Francisco last year - it includes two exhibition books, 3 silkscreened prints and a DVD! Made in a limited edition and probably out of print.

Also in, a few more gorgeous vases from Tania Julian...up next will be more skirts from Lemon Twist and a bit of the spring collection by Canadian designer Allison Wonderland.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


1. The lemon balm in the ceramic egg is growing quite nicely. I'm tempted to start a chamomile plant next, I like the delicate leaves.
2. Derek has written quite a thought-out piece about our WD-50 dinner here.
3. I'm reading The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril and enjoying it very much.
4. Just found out that Team Dresch, one of my favorite bands last seen oh, 10 or 12 years ago, is back together and playing at Southpaw on Wednesday. Their live shows kick major booty so I am there.
5. The coffee-for-one press and mug sets are GREAT. They come in aqua or red. Finally something for the coffee lovers out there. I'm bringing the camera to the store tomorrow.
6. We ate at Little Dishes because everyone is gone already for the holiday weekend. EVERYONE is gone, it was so criminally empty. Time to go eat at your favorite places, kids.
7. Everyone is gone but the store will be open as always.
8. Naidre's makes smoothies, get them to make you a lemonade+peach+mango combo.
9. We're getting Evany's book in stock soon and it's hysterical.
10. That's it for now.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Out West

The West Coast is representing this month! Besides the Joanna Mendicino restock, I got to meet and hang out with many Westies at the Stationery Show, reminisce about people and places and those really yummy frites at César in Berkeley. Also, the lovely and talented lady who catered our wedding and her husband and their adorable baby are coming to town and we get to hang out. Now I am scheming how to get back in August when it is not so nice here in New York.

Speaking of weddings, I get a lot of requests for recommendations for wedding rings and such, I am going to try and get a list together of designers I like. All cool and modern ones of course, like the woman who made our rings :) If you have a suggestion for the list, please let me know.

Last book read: 1/2 of Arthur and George before I had to return it to the library, and Batman: Year 100 #4.
Last ice cream eaten: Haagen-Daaz Mayan Chocolate.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Shows and Visits

Saturday I got a nice surprise visit from a vendor-to-be, Dasmarca. Bidyut was in town for work and dropped by with an entourage...I can't wait to get his ridiculously cool, handknit GIANT scarves for the fall. Giant in the sense that he knits basically with broom handles on huge hanks of yarn that go way beyond "chunky".

Also we got some press in the New York Post on Saturday (also a surprise) in their design store roundup in honor of the ICFF happenings. It's nice to be mentioned in the same article as folks like Moss and the Future Perfect...

Went to the ICFF show and got worn out. Saw lots of great things, many things that won't fit in my tiny store, alas, but some that will. I have to follow up this week...tomorrow is the Stationery show which will be even more dangerous because I *can* fit the products in my shop!

Arriving this week: more Joanna Mendicino birdie vases and cobblestone vases, and I'm not sure what else, Wednesdays are always a surprise for me.