Thursday, December 21, 2006

Last-Minute Gifts

Just arrived for late in the game shoppers - Coffee for One sets ($30) in aqua blue and red, and Faryn Davis' lovely resin pendants ($42 and up). We also have Alyssa Ettinger's knitware espresso cups ($50 for 2) and more B Jewelry sterling silver hoop earrings ($42-65) in many styles. I am also making up some simple bits of jewelry in the $40-50 range...lots of options!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And the Villagers Rejoice.

This is Laura, standing in for Rena, joyfully announcing that the white pages are here!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


A few brightly-colored Erin Templeton bags are in the post, I hear. Erin is in Canada and hand-makes her bags which are simple and versatile. I am always on the hunt for interesting colors and shapes, and not too much hardware. Erin's bags either come with two sets of straps so you can go long or short (the Hobo bag), or are expandable - the bag scrunches on the sides so you adjust how big it really is (the Bitch bag). Some samples below.

One year of white pages report: not yet, sadly, but soon.

Monday, December 18, 2006

It's a Miracle..

..but it looks like my One Year of White Pages notebook set has passed muster in Milan, has jetted off from Cologne, and will be in NYC tomorrow (Tuesday). These were delayed by over a week - which is critical at this time of year - and may be a little late for some, but they are really supposed to be here. I am reloading the UPS tracking page over and over until they show up!

If you were on my waiting list, you'll get another email when they truly are in the store. For my sanity, I am going to do shipping two ways: If you absolutely need these by Christmas and are in the U.S., you must order Express Shipping (overnight delivery) which is $20 and we'll get these out the door the next morning. If you are NOT in a hurry, you can order standard shipping (Priority Mail) but we won't ship until after Christmas...even store owners need a day off. If you are in the area, you can of course come down to the shop and purchase a set this week.

Again - I'll update this when the giant stack of notebooks are physically in front of me...

Girls Room

My pal Youngna sent over word that she will have artwork in a new show of women artists called The Girl's Room, opening Wednesday at the Jen Bekman Gallery. Caroline Hwang and Swoon and just a ton of other talented ladies are in it. I don't know if I can hit the opening but I really want to see the exhibition.

Shop news: still good stuff available. Kind of late for holiday delivery, however, unless 1) it's in stock and 2) you will pay Express Mail shipping. We do have the ever-popular gift certificates available, though, hand-printed by yours truly. They're pretty snazzy.

Shop hours: open every day through the 24th, from noon to 7ish, or 8. It depends on foot traffic. Then we are closed for Dec 25 and 26, back open on the 27th. We'll have slightly shorter hours on New Years Eve and then we will be CLOSED until Wednesday, January 10. Web orders will be processed, if a bit more slowly, during that week.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


A little break from the store news, since you can guess the store is crazy and that's all there is to say about it.

Gifts to myself:
This great big lovely Annette Messager book
A frame for a poster that has been sitting in plastic since I bought it at a super ephemera sale at Addison Endpapers in Oakland, CA
Health insurance (finally!)

Gifts I hope to get:
A subscription to George Howell's Coffee Club or possibly just a pound or two of Blue Bottle beans every once in a while
New pillows - every so often you just have to replace them
1096-S Priority Mail boxes for shipping, those things are like gold these days

Gifts I have gotten already from customers:
A potted succulent that "flowers when you neglect it" which seems pretty much the ticket for the shop window
A recipe for Swedish Apple Pie with a yummy crumbly crust
A survival goodie bag of oranges, trashy gossip magazines and Aero bars

Back to the store - we are open every day this week, get your last-minute shopping done, and say hi. There may be some final inning restock surprises so it pays to come by or call...there are a few piggy banks left, a couple glass tea kettles, etc. besides all of our regular fun fare. Today someone said we had the 'most cool per square foot' - we kinda like that!

In Stock

Happy Hannukah! It's getting a bit thin at the store, but some of the lovely things we do have in stock -

Karin Eriksson tealight holders in two styles
Tonfisk tea lanterns and cups with oak 'bracelets'
Kikatsu handblown, handetched glassware
Old School Stationers wall prints (plenty of 7 out of 9 styles)
Wren Handmade 2007 wall calendars
A new batch of jewelry by Laurice Curran
Screenprinted vintage leather wallets and coin holders by Shara Porter
Art, comic, photography and design books

And more... When I say 'thin' that is from a retailer's perspective, but I think shoppers don't notice quite as much! We are working to restock some of the most popular items, being the Lumens and Baby Journals and even those Year of White Pages...but they are not here yet. We have over a week to go til Christmas and new items will be arriving all week.

PS Yes, the ornaments in the window are for sale, and they are $10.