Saturday, November 04, 2006

November News

Here are the latest goings-on at Rare Device. As always, thanks for your interest!

Please join us for a reception for Tim and Anna Harrington of Deadly Squire who have created the fabulous window display at Rare Device. The show Hayo Makamak includes handsewn pigs, ducks, fish, pumpkins, corn and drumsticks, all available for purchase - take home a one of a kind work of art! The reception is this Thursday night from 6 - 9 pm.

WEBSHOP: Here are a few of the latest products available through our webshop. Quantities are limited and some items are custom and require a couple weeks to fulfill so order early for the holidays!

Laurice Curran - Florentine Discs Earrings

Angela Johe - Sentiment Bowl

Shotoku Glass - Droplet Vessel for Wine or Sake

Adam Frank - Lumen Oil Lamp

We are pleased to have received such a nice writeup from a new Brooklyn interests blog Until Monday. Many of our Brooklyn designers are mentioned, pointing to the incredible wealth of talent right here - good job everyone!

We also congratulate Courtney Skott who is in this month's Surface magazine as an up-and-coming talent and one to watch.

Friday, November 03, 2006


We have jewelry in from a new designer and also one who has been with us since we opened! First, Buji Bijoux is the creation of May Chen, and the first collection is based on the ancient art of filigree. It's a bit girlier than the usual stuff I have but I have a weakness for filigree and I couldn't resist! Some images below...

Next, Laurice Curran brought in more of her new collection...she has a fantastic sense of color and shape and many customers are own many of her pieces...

We are so proud to work with these designers - they are small and independent but very business-savvy and I think they'll go far.

This Is How It Works

This is how it works, post-Internet age. Charming British couple visit Rare Device while on holiday because of a link from Scottish designer Clare Nicolson's website. They make their own gorgeous textiles and now we are interested in somehow carrying their products. From Norfolk to Brooklyn, this is how it works!

Really though, the patterns are lovely and wistfully vintage but very British, I like them very much. The colors especially (a vibrant mustard yellow) make me think of the great UK clothing line Saltwater, too.

We just got some 60's-esque clothing in from San Francisco's Lemon Twist. You loved the A-line skirts so this time there are high-necked shift dresses in the same vein with a very flattering fit, in a lightweight olive and mango denim. Also, we're trying a new skirt out in nubby raspberry wool, with a cool belt feature.

It's a lovely lazy Friday and I'm contemplating where to hang the catnip bird and branch in the store, and what to have for lunch...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Catherine Weitzman

New at the shop - Catherine Weitzman jewelry. Catherine lives in Hawaii (formerly of California) and her latest collection involves delicately detailed castings of twigs and ferns. What I love about her jewelry is that she is not content to just cast an object and place it on a necklace - the fernlets are oxidized, plated, bunched and hinged so they are an articulated bunch, and the twigs are wrapped into circle shapes and soldered onto chain. This attention to detail really makes her work stand out. I'm so pleased to bring it to you!

Also new - some fabulous cards from Set Editions of Brooklyn. Alison loves text and color and cleanly presents her straightforward sentiments in a funny way...I put some up in the webshop so you can see what I mean.

And - we have a few signed copies of the children's book "Octonauts & the Only Lonely Monster" by Meomi, a graphic design firm who create adorable characters (who love to have adventures). I worked very briefly with one of the Meomi folk long ago, and knew she was destined for greatness!

We are restocked on Purldrop handknit and crocheted accessories, including mittens, headkerchiefs and beanies and scarves, just in time for the latest cold snap. We are also restocked on the Itchyknee catnip-filled birds and pewter branches - these are new in the webshop too.

Note: make sure you are signed up for our store newsletter to receive special discounts and early notifications on products!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I rather like the art of Weston Teruya, who has a show opening at Patricia Sweetow Gallery in San Francisco, where I used to work. Weston was in a great summer group show there, which I am sad I missed.

Speaking of art, Camilla Engman just had another Tiny Showcase print. Congrats! If you missed getting one of her prints there, we have a few silkscreens at the shop for you, plus her 2007 calendar. And speaking of more art, we have the new issue of The Drama at the shop as well.

Elsewhere - I believe both Sodafine (clothing) and Greenjeans (everything else) have joined the e-commerce world in a big way today. Congrats to them and happy shopping!

New here - a beautiful Zuzutop tunic in a brown and teal anemone (flower) print, and Flicka laptop bags! These are padded sleeves with a detachable shoulder strap. The fabrics are wonderful and not your boring laptop standard at all. Also, we have new hand-blown glassware, for cocktails and sake and the like, from Japan, plus the Droplet - a beautiful soy sauce or olive oil dispenser - I'll have a picture up soon.

Deadly Squire

Tonight, while the numerous small costumed children of Brooklyn watched, Tim and Anna installed their window display. It involves guts (fake) and an axe (real) so it was quite appropriate for Halloween! The show is up, and it's great. There are lovingly hand-sewn oysters and fish and ducks and turkey drumsticks. And guts...

Please come by anytime until December 3 to check out Deadly Squire's show. The reception is next Thursday, the 9th, from 6 - 9pm. I will be adding more Deadly Squire products to the website soon (oven mitts, napkins and placemats, zippered pouches) and possibly some of those turkey drumsticks.

Restocked: mi-spa's yummy lip balms, and more of the perfume oils. I am not going to say stocking stuffer because it's way too early, but maybe we'll call them pocketbook-appropriate instead. I found yet more fall clothing and scarves so we're trying to figure out where to put it all! I think I will put the holiday cards out now, though.

Soon: new jewelry from Catherine Weitzman, a West Coast fave, and Buji Bijoux, lovely new pieces made of swirls of filigree.