Thursday, December 14, 2006

Knit and Feathers

Alyssa Ettinger brought by some of her little espresso cups (or tealight holders, or cupcake holders, or toothpick holders, what have you) and yes, they really are that cute.

Also, the ornaments in our window are for sale. Go ahead, denude our window, we are okay with that. They are large matte ornaments with a feather or a bird in clear glass...

HOLIDAY SHIPPING NOTE: Folks, we appreciate your business SO MUCH and we are quite overwhelmed by your love this year. At this point we really and truly don't know if the orders we receive online will get to you in time. We are striving to ship everything by Monday or Tuesday, even the orders we have received after our December 10 deadline, but the shipping department is also the store salesperson, that is to say - me. We are not offering rush shipping because believe me, I can't rush any faster! We are also removing some items from the site to save for in-store shoppers in Brooklyn. We hope you'll understand...and we'll be much more ready for the next season. Thanks a bunch.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I am making jewelry today, but every 45 minutes I take a break to do my web-snooping around...

If you are sad that the Year of White Pages are not here (we are trying to have them instore next week but I can't promise anything) you might like this instead.

Love, love this man's work.

Welcome, Ben, to the great wide world. update from the shop - Vynil stickers are back in stock (limited) and we'll update the site about that. More soon!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Grey

Just a photo of a display in our window. I'm pretty happy about the Return of Grey this season and even though I'm supposed to be doing a holiday-themed window, I couldn't resist.

Items include: Andrew DeWitt bubble bud vase, SML Bags clutch, Karin Eriksson vase, Beccalights travel candle, Joanna Mendicino shorebird vase, Barrick Design crackle candle. And some totebags, in the background.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Top Shops

We are surprised and honored to find ourselves in the running for Apartment Therapy's Top Modern NYC Gift Shop - and in really great company too! If you are so inclined, mosey on down to their website and vote for us. If you have not dropped by the store, please do, we have a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces that we don't have in the webshop. Unfair, I know!

While you are journeying to Brooklyn, make sure you hit these two great multi-designer sales this weekend:

Saturday: The Gift on Grand - really good stuff happening all up and down Grand St in Williamsburg
Sunday: Indielicious Holiday Bazaar - all handmade, all the time on Smith St in Boerum Hill

New in the shop: The Property Of... bags which are flying out the door, this is great because it means I can order more unisex and men's bags. Also, the crazy 'rocker' hand necklace, a little tiny cast silver hand, hanging from a chain, by Judith of Analogous Jewelry. Silly creepy funny all at once.

Open Every Day

In an effort to try and make things a little easier on you, we're open today at noon and every day through the 24th. Weekday shopping allows you to do some leisurely browsing without bumping elbows...I think we had about 17 people in the shop on Sunday at the peak of craziness, and for a sub-250 sq foot shop, that is insane!

Webshop update: we can no longer guarantee holiday delivery for orders, yesterday was our cutoff date. However, we will of course try to processing any incoming orders as quickly as possible. We're out of stock on quite a few items, and we removed things from the webshop so that we can keep a few on hand at the actual Brooklyn store, so it pays to call or email the shop and see if we are keeping any inventory on hand for the locals.