Saturday, March 04, 2006

Vanessa Yanow

I just got the greatest necklaces in! Vanessa Yanow from Montreal creates zipper necklaces - Swiss zippers with pendants made of handblown Pyrex charms that contain a single delicate feather. You really have to see them to believe it, I'll work on getting a photo up ASAP.

Also - more Beccalights candles, including the Morning Cup coffee candle, which never lasts very long around here.

I just got a visit from blogger Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, it is nice to see people offline as well as online :) We were discussing how people find out about the shop. Down at this end of the street, we don't get as much foot traffic, so online press really is helpful.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Creativity abounds. Two projects for you to look at, one new, the other newish. Lots of photography, freshness, spirit.

I have started the spring countdown. Utility Home sent some coasters to the shop today, cardboard, brightly printed, perfect to easily dress up your home and create a spring party atmosphere. Do people still use coasters? If you write their names on them, they will. A little bit more low-key than a wine glass charm (especially if you aren't drinking wine!)

Carol of Undesigned is sending a couple spring pieces, including The Most Incredible Skirt In The World, so that Pippi the mannequin can sport new duds next week.

Tracey Tanner

More bags! I have found some great and simple totes...Brooklynites can't have too many it seems. Tracey Tanner of Brooklyn (whoops, actually Los Angeles now) makes these, they are brightly printed canvas, and the handles are just long enough, you know what I mean? I have a petite size which would actually make a great lunch tote, and a bigger one for everything else.

Back in stock: body butters from The Bubble Roome. David is concocting more soaps also, I know everyone misses their Fennel soap and such, we'll have them in later this month. Meanwhile, the body butters are just what you need to take care of your dry winter skin. I have a few sugar scrubs in also for those who need extra-special treatment.

Today is bright and lovely. I'm looking forward to the "weekend" (Monday and Tuesday for me) so I can check out the Whitney, Andrea Zittel, and maybe some treats at the Doughnut Plant.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


It's a very slushy day, no other word for it. Quiet in the shop. Fortunately, neither rain nor sleet etc is deterring the delivery guys, so the Hanna Werning crocodile posters are back in stock, and we have a few Swigg Snoozers - petite pillows in an assortment of cheery vintage fabrics. Just looking at these make me want to head home for a little nap.

Adding to the amusement of the day is watching some poor deliverymen try to get a new giant freezer into the basement for the sushi restaurant, and getting the old one out, and up the cellar stairs. Lots of dropping-things noises...

By the way, more Laurel Denise necklaces are here and the new designs are wonderful. Come by and take a look.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back in Stock

Back in stock: oh so simple and elegant wire earrings by Amy Tavern and brightly colored wallets by Matt & Nat.

On the way: the latest issue of Me Magazine, soaps by The Bubble Roome, Hanna Werning crocodile posters, more sweet illustrated pendants by Laurel Denise (just mentioned in Daily Candy), crazy new greeting cards, spring clothing, more books, etc etc. Tomorrow may snow but spring is coming I promise!

In the news, be on the lookout for our black glass sake set in Variety Weekend. Did you know sake is on a major upswing in the U.S. but in decline in Japan? Crazy! Get thee to True Sake in San Francisco ( for some of the really good stuff - and yes, they ship.

Monday, February 27, 2006


I don't know why I am so compelled by books like this, but I am. I like conceptual but very personal art projects, and perhaps it shows. Today I was contacted by someone with a project/product that fits the bill, and now I am talking to her about carrying it in the store. More on that as it happens.

Today I also read an article in Metropolis on indie retail or "curated shopping". Our friends at Greenjeans were featured, which is excellent. I think that curated shopping can also apply to what I am trying to do with my store. I bet you didn't know it but Rare Device is like peering into my head...some of the product choices are based on customer demand but a lot of it just fits a mental grid where Cool Thing X made by great Local Designer Y would work well with Neat Product Z. You know?

Besides the art project hinted at above, I am going to get jewelry by an artist of all trades made of glass and feathers. I love finding this stuff for you.

The first day of spring is in less than a month and I can't wait. I am thinking of having some kind of an event to celebrate, so stay tuned.

And here is the exceedingly rambly part of the post: Octavia Butler, a favorite author, passed away last weekend, I am very sad about this. And, comic book rock star Paul Pope's Batman Year 100 Issue 1 is out and I need to get it.