Thursday, January 26, 2006


The Beehouse teapots are here, and if my camera batteries didn't just run out, I'd be posting some pictures right now. There are 3 sizes (16, 28 and 32 oz) and 2 shapes and the colors right now are blueberry, kiwi, celadon and dark purple. Considering the weather and the flu season, they are good investment. I do tend to drink more tea in the winter, but summer means...iced tea! Beehouse makes great iced tea pitchers too, which we'll get later in the year.

We also got a bit of gift wrap from Paper Dolls Cards, these have very big bold graphics, and would look as ravishing on your wall as wrapped around a box.

Sale alert: all jewelry will be 15% off on Feb 11 and 12, in time for V-Day. Get something for a loved one or yourself! Or both!

Also - new website will be up and running in about a week, stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


The heat seems to be out again in the shop, some days are very warm and others I can barely type! Just a warning if you come by, I don't turn down the heat so that you will think of buying scarves and hats and teapots...

Back in stock: Not For Tourists guide to NYC, our favorite Beccalights candles in coffee, baked bread, applewood, and some new scents as well. Also, the charming I'm Smitten cards and such are here, plus art prints!

I have also picked up some fun gift wrap from eieio studio in California. You may have seen this brand at other shops in the Slope but their papers are too good to pass up. A roll of this wrap plus one of our V-Day cards and you are halfway there, aren't you?

FRIDAY HOURS: I'll be closing an hour early, at 6pm this Friday, so I can catch my plane. See you next week!

Monday, January 23, 2006


I just heard about Swap-o-Rama-Rama ( which takes place February 12. If I wasn't at work, I'd be there!

It is not explicitly in the mission statement for the store but recycled or repurposed goods are definitely Good Design and as such have a place on the shelves here. Our most popular product, the Lovely Design journals and "little bits", incorporates found and recycled paper ephemera. What was once in the garbage bin is now Art that people can't bear to write on, even though that is the intent of the journal. Funny!

New products: the Matt & Nat is doing well, especially the wallets, I guess it's that time of year? Next week I'll have more I'm Smitten cards and even giclee prints to take home and put on your wall. And a bit of new clothing by OK47 for spring. The spring weather comes and goes but everyone is yearning for it.