Saturday, December 30, 2006


The February issue of Dwell is devoted to craft in design. It's quite a good read...I feel this marks a shift in some way to how people treat the subject of craft, because Dwell is largely (though not exclusively) about architecture and solutions for the home. There are multiple articles that ruminate about craft that are going to puzzle some readers about why they are included (fontography, anyone?) but I think it is great that Dwell is covering this topic from many angles. It mainstreams the subject in a strange, but good way.

Holiday schedule - we will be open 12-4 tomorrow (New Years' Eve) and then closed for rest, repair, resolutions, reductions, and renovation possibly, until January 10, when we will be open at noon with regular hours. We'll see you in 2007...thanks everyone for a really great year.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Imaginary Store

We are back at work, hope you had a nice holiday. My gifts included corduroy, a small living cactus on a keychain, and coffee bean sachets.

FYI we are open through New Years Eve, around 4pm, and then we will be CLOSED until January 10th at noon. We'll be doing inventory and preparing for our big, store-wide sale! We want to clear space for great new items in 2007.

So...many people ask how we find our designers. Like most things these days, they are found on the Internet...and despite our very extensive designer list, there are many things we don't carry, due to lack of space or category or just that we are unable to get it for you. Here are some fun things that I really and truly like but we don't have at Rare Device.

1. Tancho Tique lavender-scented hair pomade. This stuff is awesome. I have been looking for it in stores since the gal who did my hair for my wedding used it all over my head. Keeps even thick and shaggy Asian hair in line.

2. Jorg & Olif city bikes. If it weren't a pain to haul a heavy steel bike up my stairs every day, I'd have one of these.

3. Sunny outdoor lounger by Lebello. On my list when I have a backyard again.

4. Recchiuti chocolates and a freezer-full of It's It mint chip ice cream sandwiches.

So you see...even shopkeepers have dream lists. If you have any requests for us, please send them in and we'll see what we can do.