Saturday, January 07, 2006


I'm going to be out for a few days next week...first I'm going to visit the madness that is Accessories the Show and Accessorie Circuit, and then we're going to sneak in a mini-trip to Los Angeles to enjoy the 70-plus degree weather, visit friends, hit some galleries, eat satsuma mandarins and good fish tacos hopefully, and of course go shopping. If anyone has suggestions on where to go for any of the above, please leave a comment! I haven't been in L.A. for years.

However, the lovely and talented Laurice Curran will be minding the store and creating her Spring jewelry collection in the back, so we'll have regular hours (Weds - Sat, 12-7 and Sun 12-6).

I just want to say again that I absolutely picked the right neighborhood to set up my shop in! I have the best regular customers already and the best neighbor merchants too. While you are visiting, also pop in at the other south 7th Ave boutiques (Otto, Bird, Nest, Neda, Greenjeans, Shoe Mine, Sweet Charity, I am forgetting some I'm sure) and eatin' places (Parco, Java Indonesian, Kiku Sushi, Anthony's, Cafe Steinhof).

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I have been lusting after this line for about 7 years so it's really excited to be able to carry a tiny bit of it - Sugahara glass is made by artisans in Japan. The first products in are a sake bottle and 2 tiny cups (sold separately for your convenience) in a gorgeous thin matte black glass. You really have to see it and hold it - from a distance it looks like turned aluminum but then you realize what it is!

Also in today are just a few bags by Nam Kim of Brooklyn. She has taken a military flyer's bag, modified the design and recreated it in leather. It is a lovely flat tote for men or women, and I have it in black and a yummy brown with a hint of red to it.

Korea Post delivered more millimeter/milligram goods this morning too. We are back in stock on the blue Ping Pong calendars and Lucky Week calendars, and there are new items as well: a green leather wallet, photo albums, small notebooks, sketchbooks and a daily planner, and "CD skins" - two brightly printed labels to fit onto your CDs and a matching cardboard sleeve to put them in. It really dresses up your mix CDs for yourself or a gift.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Books

It's so fun when the book order arrives at the shop. Here are a few new titles. If you can't read them, they are: Alphabet in Color, watercolors based on Vladimir Nabokov's bout with synesthesia (which I have a mild touch of, so this is very delightful); Jordan Crane's The Clouds Above; a little illustrated volume called Recidivist; the latest Chris Ware Acme Novelty book; Jill Bliss' Treelets; an anthology by Fantagraphics called Mome; poster art by Jay Ryan of the Bird Machine; Night Fisher by Brooklynite R. Kikuo Johnson; Pictures and Words, more comic art goodness; and Fevolution, a gorgeous collection of the art of Feric, or Eric Feng, currently seen in some hip streetwear/shoe ads, among other places. This is sort of the illustrator/comic art section, for today.

Jill Bliss also sent some new notecard sets, and lovely T-shirts with her flower illustrations. They are very cheery on a grey day.

And - the holidays were a busy tag-making season, and I am guessing that Valentine's will be as well. Here are some tags to give you ideas - customize your own for your sweetie this year. All are fine silver on a sterling silver ball chain, and are $45. E-mail us to order for now, we'll add it to the web store soon.


Congrats to one of our card designers, Julie Meredith of Etui, for making Daily Candy this morning! We have a few of her lovely designs left at the shop, though some were all gobbled up during the holidays.

Speaking of cards - new ones are on order, some from current designers, some new ones - don't want you to get tired of seeing the same old ones all the time.

Today is a huge contrast, weather-wise, to yesterday. It's also the first day back in the shop for me, so it's a good omen.

Serrote notebooks from Portugal - they have created two new designs and I will have them soon. Ok that's it for now...

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

A new year and some new products for you, along with some old faves.

I just received a few new I. Ronni Kappos necklaces and sweet earrings as well. If you are a fan of her colorful vintage glass creations, please come take a look. Also, Margaret Nicole bangle bags in more winter colors and sizes - an oversized version with black ribbon on black wool is my favorite, though the cream bag with avocado green velvet ribbon that's perched in the window is great, too.

We're also restocked on o-check products, including the bird and vine passport cases that sold out so fast last month, bright blue birdie notebooks, and the skinny desk calendars. New o-check includes a weekly desk planner reminiscent of 50s ledger books, lovely linen-covered buttons, and a little glass flask with rolls of paper inside, ready for you to inscribe a message and send to someone.

Brand-new to the shop are "wallpaper-posters" by Hanna Werning of Sweden. I have 5 designs and if you have resolved to redecorate in the new year, these are great, as single posters or to cover an entire wall. The posters are printed with designs that tile and are on special paper, ready to be glued to your wall. See for styles and e-mail me if you are curious which 5 I have at the shop (though I can order any style for you). I have the crocodile one hanging in the dressing room right now.

Don't forget - sale all this month! See you soon!